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  In 2004 I started my company Art Of All Trades, I didn't even own a camera.   I painted windows for Holidays, I drew and painted on canvases and murals on walls.  In 2007 I won some money in a radio contest and bought my first Canon digital camera.  I was raising five kids at the time and found photography and computer art so much easier to clean up quickly so I took a photography course and taught myself Photoshop. 

  I started out shooting action inside and outside, as those five kids were the sporty kind, unlike their artsy parent.  For years I learned about sports photography and Photoshop.  Now those kids have all grown up and moved on  and I've started investing in lights and building my studio space at our new house in Bowden.   

  I have a relaxed style when photographing, I do not ask people to do anything they find awkward or unnatural, I prefer my clients and their families to interact with each other naturally, and be as comfortable as possible.   I had a dayhome in Calgary many many years ago and took monthly childcare courses and enjoy working with children of all ages, especially the cuddly new born babies.    I do not have a time limit, especially when it comes to newborns and children, they go at their own pace, sometimes it can take a quick 30 minutes, sometimes its two hours. 


  My studio has a couch to relax on and a play area for siblings who might be waiting their turn and a computer if they want to be entertained with a movie.  


I will take bookings at 10:00 and 2:00 Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and 1:00 Sundays.

If an evening appointment is necessary, it would be after 6:00 any week day. 

If you have any questions, please email me at coricowie@icloud.com.

I do have a small selection of dresses, a few swaddles and rugs for babies, some props, and the collection is growing and growing.

   Once the session is done photos are lightly edited and posted on a private password protected online gallery.  Clients will have time to go through each photograph and decide which ones they would like printed.  Those photographs will go through further editing if needed before printing (prints are paid for before picking up). 


*You do not have a long wait for your prints as I have a professional Canon Pro 1000 printer, it has 12 ink tanks for amazing color and black and white photographs.  I use professional photo paper and can print as small as 1" x 1" or as large as 17" x 22".   If you are in a big rush I can photograph and print within 24 hours. 

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Art Of All Trades-Corina Cowie-Sole Proprietor.
Architecture & Real Estate Photography Certificate.
New York Institute Of Photography.
Canada Games Photography Squad 2019.

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